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Fidgety Feet
DC's Premiere Lindy Hop Dance Troupe

Lessons with Fidgety Feet

 Fidgety Feet is available for lessons and one day workshops. We offer specialty 30-minute or 1-hour lessons in Lindy at your social event.

We specialize in refining students' core techniques to help make better Lindy Hop dancers and partners. We also offer instruction for beginning through advanced levels. You'll learn some cool moves and take away skills to make you a sought-after partner on the dance floor.

Another reason to learn swing from Fidgety Feet? We aim to keep our class sizes small to give everyone individual attention and focus. For larger events, Fidgety Feet prefers to bring in an extra couple to work with new learners in the group or on the sides.

We have a full repertoire of performance songs and work together on moves, styling, breaks and aerials that match the music. We also lead large groups through basic lessons and shourt routines that will get everyone up dancing.

Dancers, if you have a regular dance partner and are thinking about competing, inquire about joining our team - it is the perfect opportunity!

To arrange for Fidgety Feet lessons or learn more about joining our team, email Debbie Lew at EMAIL Debbie for more information.

Fidgety Feet Lesson
Fidgety Feet lesson at the National Cathedral 2016.

Fidgety Feet
Fidgety Feet at Dardanella's Gatsby Picnic at the National Cathedral 2016.

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